GENERAL TRUCK CENTER - Incorrect diagnosis , repair did not fix problem


i took my truck [ 2005 gmc c4500 ] in for repair , no start unless sprayed with silicone .they diagnosed it as a crank sensor having a low signal 100 instead of 700 .

knowing that there was a code p1550 & communication errors , instead of dealing with the obvious facts & correcting the errors & code they said i needed a crank sensor , the sensor more than likely would not read correctly due to the comm errors , they put it in ,and told me it started fine all day , gonna keep it over and try it in the morning .

next day i had to call them to get an update was told it had a rough /hard start , and they were taking the right valve cover off to do an injector test [ not authorized by me ] now i need 8 new injectors .took my truck out of there & took it to quirk in manchester n h , all it needed was a new main ground strap FIXED $300 i guess it pays to go to a place that knows what they are doing , quirk diagnosed the code tested the fuel inj control module voltage [ low ]ground high resistance which lead the tech to the ground strap general wanted appx $6000 bucks and my truck still would have been fixed , now they won't refund the $650 they charged me for the sensor which did nothing for the problem TOTAL RIP OFF AT GENERAL TRUCK CENTER

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